Your Relationship Comes Before Your Children

mom-dad-kids For most couples, once their child arrives in the world, he/she becomes their utmost priority and their relationship as a couple takes a backseat. Quite obviously you need to pay more attention to your children because in the first few years of their life they’re completely dependent on you for almost everything. However, it is still needed that your relationship comes before your children.

How your relationship matters to your child

When your relationship is not strong, and the both of you end up arguing and bickering ever so often, your child will be able to sense the feud between the two of you. And if that is the case you will never be able to raise emotionally strong and psychologically stable children. So, even from the point of view of your child’s benefit you need to keep your relationship as the first priority.

When your relationship is strong and healthy, you will be fully satiated and only then can you work towards satiating the emotional needs of your children. Imagine if you ever get caught in a shipwreck how will you manage to save your child’s life if you do not know how to swim, yourself.

These two things can help


A relationship grows stronger only when the two people involved in the relationship are able to communicate with each other freely on substantially any issue concerning their home, family or their personal selves. Don’t forget to talk and discuss things with your partner as your parental duties catch up on you.

Spend time together

Once you become parents, you’ll find that most of your time goes into taking care of your children, but still you must try to spare out some time when you can talk, relax and enjoy with each other. With your hectic schedule, you will have to sneak out moments when the both of you can be alone together.

It doesn’t matter when and where, because on most occasions you can’t just think of going out for candlelight dinner or something of sort. Even the regular chores, like dishwashing, done together can be a way to seize some passionate movements with each other.

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Sidharth Thakur