Your Perfect Swimsuit

Selecting a swimsuit that suits your anatomy and makes you look great at the same time is a tough job. We have searched our racks of garments thoroughly to find gold-medal swimsuits to fit every body. So, find the one that suits you the best!

Your Perfect Swimsuit Gallery will help you choose the swimsuit that gives you the perfect fit. The following points will help you choose some varieties of swimsuits that will adorn your wardrobe:

* Splurge and use plastic cash: Use your credit cards to pick at least one expensive, well crafted Spandex suit that will last for several seasons. Remember that inexpensive cossies will last only a season. So, to have a taste of changing trends, you may buy a few inexpensive ones but it’s wise to have a stylish and expensive swimsuit that will see you through many occasions.

* Buy a classic piece: Swimsuits are very similar to jeans as they can be in fashion now and be out within a couple of months. A gold one-piece suit that had its sides cut-out was a hot favorite once but was out of fashion pretty soon. So, invest in buying a basic bikini that you can wear irrespective of what the present fashion trend is.

* Be adventurous: You can take some risk and try out cossies that you would not have worn otherwise or which you feel doesn’t suit you. For example, a swimsuit which can be tied at the side may appear too adventurous but since you can adjust it, it can be tried. Keep reminding yourself that by trying something out of the way, you stand to loose nothing.

* Find the perfect fit: Take time to select cossies that fit into your body perfectly. Though it may require you to have 40 trials in the change room before you find what you desire, it’s worth a try.

* Select compatible shades: Select those colors for your swimsuit that complement your skin tone. Dark shades are suitable for those having skin tone similar to Cate Blanchett as light colors for such people will not stand out. If your skin tone is darker or you like to go for tanned skin, a vast range of colors will suit you. However, for that drop-dead gorgeous look, yellow, lime green and tangerine are the colors to choose from.