Your Newborn and You.

When your newborn arrives, your lives change because earlier you were just a couple, but now you’ve turned into proud parents. First for the obvious things like no more peaceful nights with long hours of uninterrupted sleep and then the increase in household chores.

The newborns wake up several times during the night and when they get up you too need to get up and attend to them. And then you have added tasks like added cleaning, added laundry and timely feeding and the list goes endless. The upshots being you are sleep deprived and over exhausted.

Although it is a “top of the world” feeling to become parents, but the added responsibility and workload can make you want to take a break from your baby care job once in a way. Additionally, you may also feel some stress in your relationship with your partner, because the two of you may have a different approach to bringing up the child. Also you may have a feeling that your partner isn’t contributing towards the baby as much as you are.

As soon as the child arrives in the house, both the parents become overly engrossed in taking care of the child and forget to take time off and sit down to talk to each other. This lack of communication leads to turning of small annoyances into big issues resulting in anger and arguments. For this reason it becomes important to take out some time for each other and discuss things out and to understand the other person’s point of view.

Do not be too touchy and too critical and learn to understand your partner’s concerns. Once both of you take the initiative to divide the household tasks and when you both learn to compromise with each other, your family life will come back on the normal track and you will be able to enjoy the newborn’s arrival.