Your Love And His Looks

It’s always been a big question “do looks matter?”, but somehow there’s never been a satisfactory answer to this particular question. Let’s say, there is this ugly looking guy, with thick specs and braces on his teeth, who works in your office.

Leaving his looks aside, you know he has a wonderful and compassionate heart, is intelligent and quick witted. Now if he proposes to you, what will your reaction be, will you simply say no because his outward façade isn’t impressive and just ignore the real person he is?

However heartbreaking it may be, but our society today places much more emphasis on the physical beauty than internal beauty. Undoubtedly, with good looks come confidence and an enhancing self esteem. But can looks be the sole criteria when we judge people? Are one’s nature, character and the intellectual personality completely worthless?

How would you react to a handsome looking man, with no manners, no wit and a swollen ego? All that I’m trying to put across here is that let us change the way we think, because beauty does not last forever and it is a person’s nature and personality which will last forever. Our emphasis should be on judging people based on their attitude, compassion, intellectual abilities and the overall character.

But well that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the looks, but instead replace the word looks with presentable.  The man you love need not be as ravishing as Tom Cruise or John Travolta, but all that you must see is whether he knows how to dress up well, stay healthy and fit and knows how to go about in grace and style. If a man is caring about his own-self, which can be judged by the way he dresses up and takes care of his body, chances are he will prove to be a good caring partner. Even the ugliest looking people can be made to look reasonably good provided they make an effort to make themselves more presentable.

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Sidharth Thakur