Your Kid Needs His Space Too

When you often go about complaining that you aren’t getting your space, how often do you realize, as a parent, that your kid too needs his own space? Stop bugging your kids all time, and let your kids also enjoys some space.

Some time when their minds and bodies can settle down and discover peace. If you want your child’s mind to be emptied of the entire nuisance that’s going on inside, encourage him to take a breather and relax and ponder over things.

When I say space, I mean sometime when you do not pose conditions on him and when he’s not expected to go by your or societal expectations. Today’s children are overly subject to participating in structured activities with clearly spelled out restrictions about how, when and where to use their time.

Letting your kids loose to enjoy unstructured time will boost their creativity and push their mental attitude on the positive Lane. But for that we need to learn this ourselves first, because we have some how lost our own space because of our hectic and demanding lifestyle.

Give your child some space in the house and some time in which he can do whatever he feels like, undisturbed and uninstructed. Let the child discover the hidden revelation of stillness and silence and watch him grow into a better human being, feeling complete and contended. Everyone including you and your kids need time when external stipulations are not bothering their inner being. And that’s the only time when a person’s creativity blooms and flourishes. Maybe your kid has the talent to compose poetry, to sing or to paint, but because you want him to always go by the schedule he may never get an opportunity to explore his inner potential.

Spare out a corner in your house where the child can do what he likes without being disturbed by any of the family members. Children feel highly motivated when they have their own space provided they are left totally unrestrained so that they have ample opportunity to explore their abilities and creativity. Different kids will resort to different ways in which they would like to enjoy their own space; some would like to take their dog for a walk while others would want to watch stars in the sky standing in their balcony. So it’s for you to discover how your kid loves to enjoy his own space whether indoors or outdoors, but what you must never forget is that they need no instructions from your end while they enjoy their space.

Sidharth Thakur