Your Insecurities Can Drive Your Man Away

Worrying all day long, that your man may walk out on you, can make you clingy and suspicious, and that it is certainly going to worsen the situation. The moment you let doubts sprout in your mind and negative feelings dominate, you will slowly see your man drifting away, at least emotionally if not physically.

Uncertainty and insecurity in feelings is associated both with men and women, however most women make an overt exhibition of these feelings by showing how helpless they are. And that’s exactly when your man gets the creeps, from your exhibition of insecurity, and the whole relation takes a turn. And once this happens there is no way you can win your man back howsoever hard you may try. Maybe he will stay back physically, but his passion and respect will never come back for you.

Becoming excessively clingy and suspicious is the most sure shot way to drive men away. It doesn’t matter whether this behavior of yours is in public or private; it is simply unacceptable for a man. So don’t let any of your words and actions talk about your insecurities or suspicion.

Please understand that every man would love to see his girlfriend/wife to feel good when he is around. So when a woman doesn’t display happiness but rather stress, worry and insecurity, the man gets the feeling that he cannot make this woman happy and so he tries to avoid spending time with her. It’s quite obvious that if you want to be around men who enjoy your company, even a man wants to be around a woman who feels happy to be around him.

When you have decided to quit playing games that have been pushing your man further away from you, you need to learn how to go about communicating with your man, so as to bring the man closer to you and satisfy your love needs. Sharing feelings is very critical to the health of any relationship, and unless you begin sharing your feelings with him there are no way you can get away from that dreadful cut off and isolated feeling. But when sharing your feelings it’s important to keep your approach positive both in terms of words and emotions.

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Sidharth Thakur