Your Guide To Wearing Makeup And Jewelry To Work

Dressing up for your workplace needs a bit more attention, because you would never want to step on the line and create a negative impression about you in your office. Trendy and sexy are definitely not the looks to carry to the office and so while you go careful with your dress up, it is equally important to go a little sparing with your makeup and jewelry.

apply a minimum makeup and that too in neutral tones so as to create a muted and elegant effect. The only thing in your makeup that you can go bright with is your lipstick, however stay away from the metallic hot shades and glitters to avoid looking offensive.

Again with your jewelry the rule is to go for something that is simple, which is nice looking and not too glittery. And most importantly restrict the number of jewelry pieces that you wear at one time, so if you’re wearing earrings and bracelets avoid the necklace, or else avoid the big earrings when you’re wearing a necklace and a bracelet.

For your ears think of hoops or small studs, and store away your danglers for some other occasion. Except for tiny diamonds, other gemstones really don’t go well with the professional clothing line, however if you want to sport something with gemstones, let it be just one piece of jewelry with a very simple design.

Wearing a watch is just about unavoidable for most professional women, but in case you’re wearing a bracelet then you would have to forgo the watch. And as for your watch, look for something that is sleek and elegant, avoiding all the sports watches as well as those with huge dials.

The one piece of jewelry that has always been appreciated with professional clothing is a medium length strand of pearls, so think about adding one to your office wear accessories, if you already don’t have one.

You can almost see that the basic rule for using accessories and jewelry in your office wear is to keep things simple, so look for some sleek and elegant pieces of jewelry to create a modest and completely professional outlook.

Sidharth Thakur