Your First Hair Color

heena-hair-color Dying or coloring ones hair, has become such a fashion statement that most teenage girls have begun dying their hair, even when they don’t really have any problem of gray hair.

Coloring one’s hair is quite fashionable, but then before you step out to get your hair colored, you must try and found out what is the best way to get to your hair colored without really causing any damage to your hair or to your skin.

If pepping up your looks is your only objective, which is the case with most teenagers, then you’d be better off getting some highlighting job done on your hair. Highlighting is a better alternative, because you’re not exposing all your hair to the harsh chemicals of the hair dye and moreover you won’t be using the color anywhere near the scalp.

Highlighting looks a way lot trendier than all the hair dyed in a single color, and has a lot of fun, eye catching and sexy appeal to it. So before you head for a full hair color, do think about this alternative.

For permanent hair coloring, teenagers can safely try out Henna, which is completely natural and does not cause any adverse reactions. And although, there’s not much of a shade variation that you can get with Henna, it is still worth a try because it is completely nontoxic. In fact, henna is worth a try because it has a deep conditioning effect on your hair.

But for all those, who’ve made it strong in their head, that they need to change the color of all their hair, it would be better to go in for natural dyes infused with vegetable oils. Also, semi permanent dyes can be used to test whether the color goes well with ones looks or not.

Most of these semi-permanent dyes will come off in a single wash as they do not contain the highly toxic peroxide, which is difficult to remove from the hair even after ten washes.

And lastly, when you do plan to get your hair dyed for the very first time, always leave the job to a professional rather than experimenting on your own.

Sidharth Thakur

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