Young Looking Hands

hands Follow these helpful tips to have soft hands that look young:

Exfoliate once a month

You can use a salt or sugar scrub after every two or three weeks to remove the dead skin cells of your hands.
Hand moisturizer

Moisturize your hands with a moisturizing soap or lotion immediately after washing them so that the skin remains hydrated.

When out in the scorching sun, remember to put sunscreen on your hands too.

Take a multivitamin

To keep your hands healthy, take adequate doses of Vitamins B complex, A, E and C.

Vitamin B complex helps to have healthy nails, skin and hair while Vitamin A helps to sustain and repair skin tissue. Vitamins E and C are mainly important in offsetting the damage caused by exposure to the sun.
Consider fish oil supplements

Intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs) which is found in oily fishes (like sardines, fresh tuna, mackerel etc) and fish oil supplements will not only decrease inflammation and keep your skin moisturized but will also help your heart to function in a better way.

Get a manicure regularly

A regular manicure will keep your nails healthy, moisturize your cuticles and give a younger look to your hands. You can do it either at the salon or at home.

Rubber gloves

Gloves are indispensable for your hands during winter. However, you should also wear them while gardening, cleaning your toilet and washing dishes. Rubber or latex gloves protect your hands from hot water as well as chemicals that can dry and harm your skin. When you work in the garden, wearing gloves can protect your nails, cuticles and hands.

Treat your hands at night

Apply a coat of thick petroleum jelly or moisturizing cream on your hands while retiring to bed at night. Remember to cover them with socks or white cotton gloves. Your hands will have a younger look and feel softer the next morning.