Yeast Intolerance

People have heard about lactose intolerance but many have not yet heard of being yeast intolerant. A Yeast intolerant body is said to over produce Candida. Candida is a sort of fungus similar to the yeast itself that lives in the moist tracks in the vagina, the mouth or the digestive tract.

Most people are however able to ward off the bacteria with the help of the helpful bacteria in the body. The yeast goes on the body and when the body is not longer able to keep the body in check, there is the yeast intolerance.

There comes up the candidasis or the thrush which are yeast infections in the body. Some people with Candidasis have all these chronic problems due to the over functioning of the bowels and so on.

The Candidasis happens when the body is dependent on the yeast intolerance directly. The Candida thrives mainly on the simple sugars and the yeast. They also grow on foods like the cheese, the alcohol and the yogurt.

They also happen in food that have a lot of vinegar like the picked stuff, the dressing and the sauces.

If you have good health you would be having a lot of food and the food may not have any effect on your body. When you are ill and when you are in stress the immune system in the body is weak and you tend to develop all these infections then. The medicines and the antibiotics can wreck the system by killing the good bacteria in the body. It is also difficult to maintain the right levels.

Poor nutrition also enhances the Candida problem. You tend to have a craving for sweets and other foods that are yeasty and you would have a lot of infection to deal with. There are medications to fight the disease off and many ways to get rid of the problem.

The indications are headache, diarrhea, mouth ulcers and fuzzy tongues. Some people are able to alter their diet plans and solve their problems but most of them should better switch to a diet that is yeast-free. Simple diet based on natural food is the best way to get rid of all yeast infection in the body.