Workouts For Ladies

I have heard many people say that they don’t have time to do workouts. Though lack of time is the primary reason for staying away from exercise, the second reason could be their dislike for it, inability to afford either a trainer or the gym, inadequate space, or the fact that they don’t know where or how to begin. Then, there are those people who are unable to see how they can keep their weight under control by doing regular exercises.

I work with Mike Monroe who is a New York based trainer. Mike and I want to give you a gift that will change your life in 10 days. We considered all those causes that keep people away from workouts and made a workout for 30-minutes that can be done everyday. As these exercises will take very little space and you will only need dumbbells and a ball to do them, you won’t face any problem.

Mike will give you the instructions to be followed while I will show you how to do them. We have shot a video of these workouts as part of the 296 exercise video library and we will share it with you. After watching each step there, you can even download and get a printout of these exercises.

You can check these workouts at the site of Gabby Reeces Honeyline for Women and try them out. The exercise routines that Mike has made will offer cardio suggestions to you and admit that you need to get some rest too. I believe strongly that you should work hard at first and then allow your body to take rest.

We have worked hard to get rid of all the possible excuses that may keep you away from workouts. We are sure that our video will help you to enjoy your exercises in an easy manner and give you some new ideas to try out in case you are already sweating it out.