Working Woman’s Wardrobe

If you’re seriously keen about making a good professional statement at your work place, with your clothing, then you must take out some time and collect a few classic pieces that are ever so professional.

When collecting clothing for your workplace there are three things that you must always remember, one fitting, two form or style and three practicality or functionality, of each piece of clothing. Here are some things that you must include in your wardrobe.

White shirt

There is nothing more professional than a crisp white shirt, which can be worn either for everyday purpose or even for those special meetings and seminars. The fitting is what is most important, and while you could go in for one which is one size bigger, avoid smaller sizes as it can make your body look lumpy.

A suit skirt

A well fitting suit skirt is the most professional of all women’s clothing wardrobe, especially one in black, although other darker shades are also acceptable. When you go buying one, try it on and have a look in the mirror from different angles to be sure that it sits perfectly on you.

A blue blazer

A woman’s blazer, in navy blue, is a classic piece of professional dressing, and in fact it goes a long way to express your professional approach. Team it up with a white shirt and gray or khaki skirt or trousers, when you mean purely business. There are lots and lots of different styles available, pick and choose the one that sits well on your body type and one that fits perfectly.

Pencil Skirt

Want to make a real mark at the sales presentation, try on a pencil skirt and you’ve already done it half. Look for colors like gray and navy, and let the length be somewhere around the knees. As for the shape, it must fall straight and not bubbled up around your hips.  Look for one with a kick pleat to allow easy movements.

With just these four pieces of clothing you’re almost half set to present the professional side of you at your work place.

Sidharth Thakur