Work Wear Mistakes – What NOT to Wear to the Office

You can dress up like a hippie when you are out with your friends or adorn street wear attire when you are with your family but these clothes are not acceptable in a formal set up.

These days offices are letting down their guard on what is considered appropriate for the office; this has led to women getting confused about what to wear to the office.

While there are many options to choose from there are certain things that you absolutely must avoid wearing to the office. Here is a list of what to avoid.

When you are choosing your work wear attire you need to be extremely particular about the length of your garments. Skirts and dresses that are too short or revealing are not appropriate for the office. Petite women in particular tend to wear short skirts as it makes them feel girly and feminine however this must be avoided as it is not proper business attire.

Even if you are wearing dark hosiery or tights skirts that are too short must not be work to the office. Normally the length of the garment must be a few inches above the knee.

Showing cleavage at the office is another big issue. Not only is it not appropriate to reveal parts of your décolletage in a formal set up; it is unacceptable according to business attire norms. This type of a look can be showcased in a non business set up. Avoid cleavage revealing attire even to office parties.

Wearing stilettos to the office is another big problem. This has health reasons attached to it. When you wear high heel shoes to the office you put your feet through a lot of trauma. This may cause back aches, pain in the legs, knees and shins. This reduces your productivity.

When you walk in stilettos you also walk slower thereby making you less productive in the day. When any part of your body is in pain your mental set up is hampered and your thought process is disrupted and thus shoes in this style must be avoided to the office.

Every woman wears jewelry to the office. If you are wearing jewels then avoid wearing chunky styles that may be distracting. Instead wear fine jewels that are delicate and accentuate your garments.

Lastly, no flip flops to the office- even in summer. Though you may live in your flip flops and sandals while you are out of the office; they cannot and must not be worn in a business set up.