Work Up Your Finances Before You Go In For A Baby

42-17716286 The thought of getting pregnant and having babies is quite exciting, but then before you take the plunge you must prepare your financial situation, to be sure that you can really afford the new baby.

Babies cost you a lot of money, and with the ongoing recession that has engulfed nearly the whole world, you need to tread even more carefully, if you’re planning on a baby.

There are several things related to a new child and childbirth that will eat up on your cash, and just to help you assess your situation we’ve put up a small list so that you can find out the kind of expenses that you can expect.

Delivery expenses

The delivery costs are a bit too high and you should expect to pay anything between five to eight thousand dollars. And in case it’s not a normal delivery, a C section could cost you even higher, say about $15,000. Unless, your health insurance provides for the delivery charges, you’ll have to keep aside a good deal of money to pay for the hospital expenses.


Whatever furniture, you have in your house may not meet the safety and comfort codes, as are required in a house with an infant around. Also, you’ll need some baby furniture such as baby cot, baby feeding chair and so on. But well, you can save on these by going in for used furniture instead.

Baby supplies

Babies need a lot of baby care products, such as diapers, feeder bibs, baby formula food, baby cosmetics and hygiene products, and all these are moderately expensive. For instance, even a months diaper supply can cost you something like $150. Taking into account all the baby supplies that you would need, expect to shell out about 500 dollars every month.

Clothing and toys

You’ll need to spend a lot of money on baby’s clothing, and since babies grow at a very fast rate, during the first few years, the cost for clothing is almost continuous and quite high. Every three to four months the baby’s size will change, and accordingly you’ll need to keep changing the baby’s wardrobe. Apart from clothing, toys are equally expensive; especially those that are completely safe for your child.

Sidharth Thakur