Work Up A Little Magic With A Lipstick


lips-with-lipstick On a woman’s face, from the beauty point of view, there are two features which form the focal points. Firstly, it is your eyes and the second one is your lips. In this particular piece of text we will focus on how you can create the perfect looks by using the lipstick to your advantage.

Even though, you may think, that applying lipstick is such a basic thing that nearly every woman knows about it, the fact is that most women do not know how to apply lipstick properly.

Applying lipstick is the easiest and the quickest way to transform your looks and add some luscious and sensuous appeal to your face. But if you really want its magic to work, you need to know how exactly to choose the right lipstick and how to go about applying it to your lips.

In the first place, choosing the right lipstick shade is most important, and for that you will need to take your skin tone and the natural color of your lips into consideration. Interestingly, lipsticks are now available in palettes, which leaves you with the liberty to mix and match colors to get the perfect lipstick shade.

Lipstick palettes are mostly popular with makeup professionals, but if you’re comfortable using makeup brushes then you can try on this style. And needless to say, to get the right effect you must spend some money on getting a good lip brush. Also, apart from the regular lipstick you also need a lip liner to create the perfect outlines for your lips.

As for the application of  lipstick, the procedure may vary depending on the shape of your lips. For instance, if you have thicker lips you need to carefully mark the outline along the natural curves of your lips with a lip liner. On the other hand for thinner lips you will have to give them a thicker look by using the lip liner a little on the outside of the natural lip contours. And when you fill up your lips with the lipstick, be sure to blend it well with the lip liner and then finally top up your lips with some lip gloss to add on to the luscious appeal.

Sidharth Thakur