Work On The Foreplay For Some Exciting Sex

Can you really think of baking bread without fermenting the dough, first? Well, the answer is no. The same goes for sex, you can’t have good sex unless you indulge in a bit of foreplay. And that goes true for both men and women. To enjoy sex and experience the ultimate orgasm, building up the desire with some foreplay is most important. And just for those women, who believe that only women want foreplay, it is time to get rid of that fad. Men too love foreplay, they love to play around with your body and they want you to play with their body before you go in for an intercourse.

Here are some fantastic ways to spice up your sexual life with foreplay.

Discover your partner’s body
Men too have sensitive spots, just like women, which when tickled give them immense pleasure. But these sensitive parts are different for each man, so you will have to discover these seduction zones on your own. Some men love their hips to be clutched while others may want their nipples to be teased, so the next time the two of you get naked, travel on his skin to find his sensitive parts.

Use your hands
While he is fingering you down there, how about give him a little rubdown. Stroke and rub his penis, but be gentle, and you’ll have him excited to the core. To make it more pleasurable, run your hands on his testis and the area between the testis and the anus. Most women just concentrate on the penis often ignoring the surroundings. The perineum which located between the testis and the anus is a highly sensitive area, and stimulating it will give him harder erections.

Try a message
Giving each other a body massage is a fantastic foreplay idea. Grab some scented oils, and begin pampering each others bodies. Some areas where a man really loves getting a massage are his upper back, his chest, his feet and the inner parts of his thighs.

Get naughty in the shower
After a hard day’s work, you’ll both feel refreshed and re-energized if you have a shower before making love. And to make the shower even more exciting, get in together and feel and caress each other as water pours over your bodies. The splashing of water against the skin has a very sensuous effect, something that will ignite your desires and make you ready for a rocking session of sex.