Wonders of Green Tea

In the realm of health and fitness green tea has a considerable important role.

While fitness experts are stressing more on the benefits of taking healthy diets and switching to detoxifying drinks rather than tea or coffee green tea is considered to be serving most of the purposes of staying fit and slim!

Originating from the Chinese civilization green tea is supposed to have been used for ages to treat depression symptoms and headaches. Produced from Camellia Sinensis through special techniques green tea is different from black tea which has caffeine.

With health problems on the rise more and more people are resorting to healthy life styles. To make one’s diet rich with healthy food and beverages green tea should be included in the diet regime. Green acts as a detoxifying agent and helps keep the body healthy and the skin looking younger.

A summary of the benefits of drinking green tea may encourage one to make it a habit. Research has shown green tea to have a wonderful property to balance the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

The polyphenol content present in green tea acts as antioxidants. Green tea has been found to combat and reduce the chances of having cancer. Green tea also acts as an anti aging agent by increasing longevity and improving skin and muscle tone.Memory and learning power are enhanced, weight can be controlled and skin is protected from ultra violet radiation by making green tea a habit.

Controlling blood sugar levels, protection against heart diseases, hypertension and neurodegenerative diseases, controlling stress, preventing multiple sclerosis, anti clotting effect, increasing stamina and strength, protection from the negative effects of smoking, prevention of tooth decay, increase in bone mineral density, protection of the liver are among the numerous benefits of drinking green tea.

Therefore there should be no more hesitation but to take green tea into one’s health routine immediately! Taking green tea is easy; one needs to boil water and let it cool to about 85 degrees.

For making one cup just place one teaspoon of green tea leaves in a sieve and put the sieve on an empty mug. Just strain the warm water through the sieve passing through the green tea leaves and let the leaves remain dipped in the water for few minutes. A cup of green tea is brewed and ready!