Wonder Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Are you feeling ashamed and depressed because of your small penis? Stop worrying about it. You can increase the size of your penis even without any surgery or operation.

Yes it is true; you just have to do some exercises which have been in use since ancient times. And you can increase your penis size up to nine inches.And these claims have been backed by numerous medical tests.

Our penis is basically made up of three parts two large ones (corpora cavernous) and one small one (corpus sponginess) that is at the bottom of your penis.

Penis enlargement exercises work on the same techniques on which weight lifting and other body building exercises work i.e. the adaptability of our organisms to adapt to the environment. It is the same way when some one lifts a weight, his body tries to adapt to it and helps to make the muscles grow bigger and stronger.

Some exercises which have proved to be effective in the enlargement of human penis have been described below.


This is basically a method where a person with a smaller penis can enhance his penis with the help of his thumb and index finger. You just have to wrap your thumb an index finger around your penis and make a grip of it and then milk the grip towards the head of it; this will force the blood into the glans. The stress of the jelqing pressure will make the penis expand and enlarge.


Although a risky and dangerous techniques if used in a proper manner with adequate precaution this can also enhance the size of your penis. Clamping involves constricting your penis with a clamping device it could be a shoe lace, cable clamp or a tight cock ring.

Some people also use metal cock ring which is very dangerous and hence not advisable. By tightening the clamping device at the base of your semi erectile penis you can extend the muscles of it which will enlarge the size of the penis.


It’s a basic and perhaps the oldest known exercise to enhance your penis where weights tied with a string or rope are attached to the glans and let them hanging for a specific period of time. You can make an effort to execise your penis while the weight is on. This will increase the penis’s size.