Women’s Wardrobe: The Basics

When stacking up your wardrobe essentials for a women to feel good and make an impression, look for pieces of clothing which are versatile and can be worn anywhere and anytime, instead of filling it up with things that you may actually never wear.

Unless you are born in a rich family or are married to a millionaire, it’s best to stick around with a few staples in your wardrobe which are stylish and flattering and will never go out of fashion. Here are a few things you can easily add to your wardrobe without fearing that it may go out of style the next season.

Jeans and trousers

Get yourself a few pairs each of fitted trousers and jeans, preferably in different cuts. While the classic cut trouser is absolutely timeless, the other style you can step in for is a wide legged one, which is quite like a man’s trouser. As for jeans the straight legged and the wide-legged are the safest and never seem to go out of trend.

Outer wear

Trench coats are timeless, so get yourself one that’s well-cut to caress your body at the right places. For milder seasons, you’ll be better off with two jackets, around hip length, which can be paired with both pants and skirts.


While the little black dress remains the ultimate dress for every woman to have, another great option is a wrap dress which is truly versatile, easy to wear, sexy, smart and timeless. You’ll also do well to have one or two evening dresses in modest fits and conservative styles.


The crisp classic white shirt is indeed legendary and you can’t really go wrong with this one. And apart from this get yourself some nice long-sleeved tee shirts and fitted tops in some basic neutral colors.


Ballet flats are the most comfortable and can easily be clubbed with most dresses, so do get a few pairs in different styles and colors. If you’re comfortable with high heels then get yourself one pair in black, or else get one in medium heels. Walking shoes and statement boots can also figure on your choice list.

Sidharth Thakur