Womens Pea Coats – For a Svelte Contemporary Look

If you want to look contemporary, yet fashionable this winter, then opt for a sexy pea coat. These gorgeous looking coats are one the must haves items in a fashion aficionados wardrobe.

These coats can be paired with just about anything from slacks, to skirts and jeans and gives the wearer a classy appearance every time.

The highly versatile nature of this coat is its main selling point. You can identify a pea coat by its unique length, the fabrics used in its construction and the details that go into making this coat an elegant woman’s wear. The pea coat is neither too long nor too short. This coat sits somewhere just below the hips and is designed for easy movement.

The shawl collar, extra large round buttons and ties, belts or sashes are unique features of the pea coat. The belts that are present in these coats help to emphasize a woman’s curves.

Pea coats are made from a variety of fabrics. Some of the popular fabric choices in pea coats are wool, denim and fleece. If you want to combine style with fashion opt for the fleece pea coat. Available in non-traditional colors like blue, green and red and traditional colors like black, gray and brown; these coats are available in a variety of styles including double breasted, hooded and short sleeved styles.

To keep you snug and warm through the long wintry months, go in for pea coats made from wool. If you want to make a stylish impact with your pea coat then go in for ones which have been made from denim materials.

Some of the popular styles in pea coats are the flare coat, the cape style, cut-in sides and patterned coats. The cape style coat is distinguished from other pea coats by its unique cut which promises easy movement and its unique high collar.

The flare coat widens out at the hemline and can be paired with trousers or jeans for an ultra svelte look. If you want a coat with patterns then buy a patterned pea coat in stylish designs. If you want a feminine look with  emphasis  on your slender waist go in for a ‘Cut In Sides’ pea coat.