Womens Bags, a Love Affair!

As I passed by the Fashion Accessories Retail Store the other day, I looked at their display window and came across a bag that stole my heart. I wanted to enter the shop at once and look into the shop window for more colors.

I was in a hurry to reach my office and so I made it up in my mind that I would have that bag.

Women love diamonds but I surely am in for bags and shoes, most importantly that bag that tells a love story almost. I have read somewhere that a woman feels secure when she carries a bag in her hand.

It could be a small bag for carrying to the parties or a large tote bag that she carries in fashion and that which holds everything or a medium-sized bag for holding all important things. A woman is never complete without her bags or her shoes.

A woman’s bag should have all the knick knacks it should carry, like the make up kit, the cell phone, the shades, the wallet, napkins, gadgets and combs. There are also her car and house keys and so you know the lady’s bag has all the essentials. The bags reflect a woman’s personality.

A large messenger bag might portray her as a capable business woman while a sleek evening purse reflects the woman in her and her petite demeanor too. The woman’s bag is surely a story teller. The backpack for the college girl or the laptop bag for the new office lady has lots to say about her attitude to life.

At the fashion stores, they sell bags that have an attitude and also those that are comfortable and user-friendly. The backpack usually lets you roam free which is their forte and they also suggest discursiveness, freedom and a dream that can be chased.

You can check out the Hobos at the stores or the sleek evening purses at
their stores today.