Women Language – What They Say And What They Mean

Women Language - What They Say and What They Mean

From centuries men have tried to decode women’s language to figure out what they mean only in vain. The fact that, often, they speak what is exactly opposite of what they want makes a man perplexed and a women annoyed which often leads to women complaining that their man don’t understand them at all.

There are certain typical words women use, most of which need to be seen as warning signs and try to read what is coming ahead before things really blow off.

‘Nothing’ – This means there is definitely something and she expects you to ask you about it. It’s just a way of a woman to get you to be concerned about her or see if you can really see her troubled. They might not be thinking this way when they say it but this is exactly what they are thinking in their subconscious mind. They expect you to ask them what is wrong.

‘Go ahead’ – This is not a permission to do it. It’s a dare. And if you happen to be stupid enough to accept it, be ready to face the wrath of accepting it later and be defeated by a landslide.You also need to notice their facial expression.

If they have an eyebrow raised, staring at you intently, it means that it’s a dare. If she says it with normal eyebrows and shrugs, it means that she gives up and is letting you do whatever you want.

Sigh – A sigh can express many things if you master it well enough. A long, loud sigh usually means she thinks you are an idiot cannot get a simple fact straight or even try to understand her. A soft short sigh means that you are still under the safe line and that she is content with whatever you have done.

Fine – This word is the most dangerous if you happen to hear after a long argument. This does not mean you won. It means it’s about time you accept the fact that she’s right and stop the argument. This does not mean that she’s giving up though.

?That’s OK – This is another dangerous word that means you are in deep trouble or have done something terribly wrong and that she needs some time to think long and hard about what to do about it.

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