Winter Skin Care

Skin Care is important for everybody throughout the year. During winter the need for skin care becomes manifold and more so for places where the winters are quite harsh.

The weather gets dry as winter sets in and it affects the skin as well as it loses moisture more quickly.

Hence it becomes more necessary that the skin should be tended to with extra care.  Many times we seem to look pale and our skin looks lifeless during the winter. But all this can be evaded with a few simple tips only.

First of all one should take care from within before tending to external care. Drinking ample water had always been advised for the overall physical benefits and off course for the skin. A well hydrated body can function well and thus the skin can also look glowing.

Nowadays in order to fight the dryness of the winter season humidifiers are used to create artificial moisture in the air. This way the skin of the face and body both can feel soft, supple and hydrated.

In order to keep the skin hydrated and glowing during winter one also needs to exfoliate the skin by using a good scrub to take away the dead cells eventually moisturising the skin with a good moisturizer. As already discussed the skin needs to be taken care from within as well; the diet should be enriched with such products that promote moisturizing during winter.

Juicy fruits, vegetables, primrose syrup and olive oil in diet keep the skin wonderfully moisturized and glowing during the winter. Using good cold creams and hand and body lotions is a necessity during winter; it’s also good to drop few drops of oil to bathing water before taking the bath.

While using moisturizers during winter it’s better to go for oil based moisturizer unless one has an extremely oily skin. One shouldn’t give up using sunscreen during the winter; using a moisturizer with a SPF of at least 30 will protect one’s skin from all the harsh effects of winter.

For very harsh winters it’s mandatory to use gloves and socks to keep the skin of the hands and feet safe from the winter hazards. It’s best not to use hot blower for dying one’s hair; one can go for a more careless and tousled look as the hot blower can make the skin more dehydrated.