Winter Skin Care Tips

If you don’t want to turn gray, as the outside world turns gray with the onset of winter, you need to pamper your skin to keep it alive and young. Here’s how you can prevent it from becoming uncomfortable and itchy with dryness.

Because skin dryness is the basic problem quite obviously hydrating it is the solution. While women talk about hydrating the skin from outside, let me first emphasize that it is more important to keep your skin hydrated from inside. And for that you must drink a lot of water and other fluids; however carbonated beverages and soda don’t count. Another thing, add a bit of flax seed oil to your daily diet, I know it’s not tasty, but it has some wonderful effect on your dry skin while also helping you fight heart diseases.

You know the heating is going to be on all the time throughout winter which will drain most of the moisture from your skin while also keeping the air indoors somewhat dry. So install a humidified system in your house and half your problem of dry skin will get solved.

Now let’s begin with skin care by first of all using a good face scrub for your face. You need to exfoliate the dead skin cells and open up the blocked pores of your skin. This will not just leave your skin feeling fresh but will also improve the absorption of moisturizer to combat dry skin problem. Ideally you need to follow this cleansing routine at least once a week. With your skin clean and clear, it’s time to use some oil based moisturizer to moisturize your skin.

People with excessively oily skin can go in for the oil free versions of moisturizers, but must never shy away from using moisturizer all through the winters. And when you need to step out in the sun, sunscreen is a must and look for one which has an SPF count of more than 15. Also available in the market are moisturizing sunscreen lotions which can save you the trouble of applying two things to your face one after the other.

If you want your body skin to remain moisturized, here is a small secret, just add about 1tbsp. of body oil to a jug of warm water and pour it over your body just before stepping out of the shower. If that is done on a daily basis, there will be no need for you to spend time on rubbing body lotion all over your body.

Sidharth Thakur