Winter Makeup – Some Tips And Tricks

Winter brings about many changes in our body. Our skin tends to become dry due to the decrease in production of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

The dipping temperature and the dry winds of the season will also make our skin look pale and lifeless.

Winter makeup should be done taking into consideration the above said factors. Also the makeup applied should complement the cold weather and the heavy clothing.

Here are some tips that you can follow so as to put on fabulous makeup during winters.

Use a matte based foundation which has an inbuilt moisturizer. This should be done so as to keep your skin moisturized throughout and to prevent the makeup from getting dried and cracked up.

You can very well do away with dull skin and make your skin look brighter by using a foundation which is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

You can also apply a thin coat of oil based moisturizer on your face and then put on your normal foundation. The moisturizer should be of light consistency and should be fully absorbed by the skin before application of make up.

Puffiness under the eyes is a common problem faced by many during winter.To combat this, you can touch up the region under your eyes with a pale yellow under eye cream. You can finally seal the make up by applying a tinted powder with a bit of shimmer.

Since you tend to look paler in winter seasons, you can use makeup to pep up your look and  add color and vitality to your skin.

Cherries, chocolate browns and beiges are the lip colors most suitable for winters. Do not select matte lipsticks as they may dry out your lips. You can apply lip balm and then follow it up by the application of a moisturizing lipstick enriched with Vitamin C.

You can very well experiment with vibrant colors eye shadows.  Stay away from using pastel colors as it will make you look pale and washed out. If you prefer a sultry look, you can use cinnamon and coffee shades of the eye shadow. Smokey eye make up is the best suited for a night out during winters.

Thus by following the above said tips, you can very well look like a glowing diva even in winters.

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