Winter Dressing

If you think winters is all about hiding yourself under thick heavy overcoats, letting fashion stand aside, then you must read this piece of text here. We’ll tell you how to fashion out a style statement while not compromising with the warmth and the snug that’s needed all through the winters.

Your first investment towards winter fashion has to be on a pair of high leather boots, preferably knee high. While high leather boots have always had a sexual appeal attached to them, the traditional benefit is that as they keep your lower legs warm you can always sport those skirts which would otherwise be impossible to wear in the cold winters.

However, don’t forget to wear your stockings inside for the extra warmth. Now if you are mostly clad in jeans or trousers, then you can settle down for ankle high boots rather than the knee length ones. But in case you feel the boots will be too heavy on your budget, your next best bet is a pair of closed shoes, preferably with pointed toes. The pointed toes are quite fashionable and will mingle well with most of your winter dresses.

You definitely need a coat or a jacket to beat the cold, but when you go out to purchase one, the most important thing is the fitting and the size. So when you’re trying one at the store, remove all your excess clothing or else you will end up buying a larger size. Don’t forget to button it up when trying, to be sure that you’re able to move your arms comfortably and don’t feel suffocated in the jacket. Windcheaters, especially the fluffy ones, are fine when you want to go out for a jog or a walk, but for all other times by yourself a nice chick and snug jacket.

Sweaters and cardigans are the most important part of winter wear, and while cardigans do look nice, they don’t offer you complete protection against cold and are also a mismatch with jackets worn over them. So go in for some closed front turtleneck woolen tops, which always look nice when worn under a jacket. For additional protection you can also buy a woolen stole to wraparound your neck, which again gives you a very chick and fashionable look.

Sidharth Thakur