Winter Boots for Women

Women’s winter boots merge comfort with style. Winter boots are available in different trendy styles from flat boots, to ankle boots, knee boots to knee high and thigh high boots.

An essential part of the winter wardrobe, every woman must have at least one pair of winter boots. A good pair of winter boots can make any woman look trendy.

Winter boots are constructed in a manner which is different from regular boots. They are made from durable and long lasting materials. These boots are mostly worn during the winter or autumn season. Today every shoe shop stocks winter boots in styles ranging from flat heeled to high heeled winter boots and are available in zip up, buckle, lace up and strap types.

Winter boots are mostly designed from leather in eye catching colors and the inside of the boots are lined with fur to keep the wearer’s feet warm and comfortable during the harsh wintry months. Women’s boots however cannot be worn during the rainy seasons as these shoes are not water proof.

Some of the popular women’s winter boots styles are as follows. Flat boots are winter boots which are gaining a great deal of popularity because of their modish appearance. These comfortable boots can be worn during days when there is heavy snowfall. These casual shoes can be worn with jeans. The flat boots are available in a range of styles from ankle high, mid calf and tall varieties. The UGG boots is archetypal of flat boots.

If you want boots which hug the ankles and make you look extra stylish, while keeping your feet toasty warm then opt for ankle boots. These boots are ideal for days when there is a smattering of snow. These boots normally come with small pointy heels and can be teamed up with almost any woolen outfit.

If you want boots which reach up to the knees or slightly below the knees then go in for knee high boots. Made from leather or rubber, these boots are available with side zippers. Nowadays lace up and button up varieties are also found in these stylish boots.

Thigh high boot also known as over the knee boots are lined with wool or fur to keep the wearer feeling very snug. These chic shoes have the tendency to give the wearer a tall and statuesque appearance.