Wicked Ways To Get Back On The Guy Who Dumped You

jealousy When you’ve just had a breakup and you’re miserably hurt, you might think about taking revenge so as to make your boyfriend payback for all the hurt that you have suffered.

You’ve been humiliated and you’re totally pissed off, so there’s no need for you to feel guilty if someone wicked thoughts are coming to your mind. There’s no point staying sad and depressed because of the way your boyfriend has messed up things for you, so go ahead and do things which may piss him off and you will feel much better.

A bounce back

Although it’s difficult, but if you can get into a new relationship as soon as you’re out of the mess, go for it. Getting attention from someone will not just help you to get back on your feet, but will also make your ex uncomfortable. And here, more important than getting involved with somebody is to show off that you’re having a good time with your new boyfriend. However, for your own safety, don’t get over involved with this new boyfriend unless and until you are absolutely sure that the two of you can click together.

Flirt around

If getting into a new relationship doesn’t seem possible, go in for some wild flirty sessions with some new guys while your ex is around. If your ex-boyfriend is jealous of some guy and you know this guy well, then he’s absolutely the right pick to flirt with. If your ex finds some guy as a tough competition, and you are flirting with this guy, it will drive your ex crazy, almost to a point of hysteria.

Have a blast

If you don’t like any of the above mentioned options, then just think about having some crazy fun time with your pals. Go ahead and party as much as you want to, drink and dance and do whatever gives you pleasure. Have lots of fun the way you want to, but make sure that your ex comes to know about how wonderful a time you’re having. The more he sees you having fun, the more he will burn inside, because when he left you he expected you to sulk and suffer, but when he sees you doing something exactly the opposite, he will be pissed off to the core.

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Sidharth Thakur