Why Smock Dress Is Such A Hot Favorite

smockdress It’s very comfortable

Whether you’re looking for a dress which can reveal your beautiful body parts or can conceal the uglier ones, a smock dress has it all. So, when you want something clingy to bring out your hourglass figure or something loose to hide your flab, you can confidently put your hands on to a smock dress.

It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable dresses, and the way it finds extensive use by pregnant women, is proof of its comfort level. Easy to wear, cool, comfortable, fashionable and right on trend are some qualities that make the smock dress a winner all the way.

Wear it the way you like

Want to play girlie-girlie, let your legs stay bare or pull up a pair of ribbed-tights. Get into some chunky wedges or platforms with this ensemble and you’re ready to walk the ramps. And if you want to make it a little hot pair it with ankle boots.

Want to try something different, wear it over leggings or skinny jeans, the way you normally wear a tunic dress. Or choose one in metallic effect, preferably one which ends a little above the knees, and is adorned with gemstones and you’re ready to make a dazzling statement at the evening affairs.

A disguise in style

If you have a hanging tummy or bulky hips, use a smock dress to hide almost any imperfections in your figure. For the pear shaped ladies, where there is a lot of imbalance between the torso and the bottom, get into a smock dress and no one will know what’s wrong with your shape.

If you are endowed with a fuller bust line, that is a bit bigger than the average, play it down with a smock dress that is somewhat fitted below the breast. This will create milder silhouettes, giving your body a flattering hourglass effect. Alternatively, you can cinch in your waist using a wide belt, to divert the attention away from the bust.

Sidharth Thakur