Why Should You Wear Your Hair In A Ponytail?

ponytail-m My friends John and Tom changed my life one evening when they told me blatantly that women should not wear their hair in ponytails. John told that a ponytail is boring. Both my friends believed that a ponytail makes a statement that the woman doesn’t care about how she looks. According to my friends, men like women who let their long hair down. However, I argued that an average man will like a woman irrespective of her hairstyle.

Though the debate finished at this point that evening, I wondered if my friends were right with their opinion about ponytails. To put their theory to test, I asked my male colleagues at work if they cared about a woman’s ponytail. All of them disagreed with what John and Tom had told.

I asked myself if men subconsciously preferred women who let their hair down or whether some men are fussier about a ponytail. By now, I have already worn my hair down for quite some days. I realized that I felt sexier and better-kept than before. Almost half a dozen women praised my hair while men started noticing me. Perhaps blonde hair having an admirable length was worth the attention.

Since I performed this small experiment, I have stopped wearing my hair in ponytails. However, I don’t let my hair down to attract the male gaze. Rather, it’s my personal preference that has made me wear my long blonde hair down. I feel better and have a more positive self-image after I made this change in my hair style.

That I am happy and  confident about this changed hair style is something which matters more than the opinion of anyone else, even that of John and Tom. However, I would never admit to my fashion critic friends the fact that their opinion about ponytails changed my life for the better.