Why Should You Go for Hydrotherapy Treatments

Hydrotherapy Treatments

The use of water to maintain and revive good health is called hydrotherapy. There are various ways for its use for the effective treatment of the body. One of the most common hydrotherapy treatments is called the Sauna Bath. This involves heat treatment and steam is used to hit the body to help it cleanse off all the impurities and also open up pores of the skin to allow the skin to “breathe”.

The application of soft towels soaked in warm or cold cloth are fairly well known and are used in curing rashes in case of heat rashes and blemishes, for example in case of stye. Taking cold water shower is an effective treatment in the summers against sun stroke and sun burns. Warm water bath helps cleansing of the skin and relaxing of muscles.

Then there is Flotation therapy which involves the body to float in water. This is one of the finest forms of relaxation. Flotation is one of the biggest forms of exercises that can help in many physical ailments related to muscles and bones heal easily.

The wrap sheet therapy involves a person lying down be covered with cold, wet flannel sheets. Once the person is properly “wrapped” in these sheets, then he/she is covered with towels and then blankets. The body warms up and all the wetness of the body is soaked by the sheets and the towels. This is an effective treatment for skin ailments, bronchitis and muscular pain.

Also the excellent hydrotherapy treatment called the Slitz Bath takes care of hemorrhoids, menstrual problems, cystitis and polyp. The process includes two tubs of water of which one of the tubs contains hot water and the other cold. You have to sit in one tub with your feet in the other one.

Then you switch the place and sit in the other with your feet in the one that you were initially seated in. This is to be done on a regular basis (not daily) and it is known to effectively cure the ailments mentioned above due to the body reacting to two different temperatures at the same time.

Hydrotherapy explores the numerous benefits of water and uses them for their curative powers on human body.