Why Men Shy Away From Committing in Relationships

Women are often perplexed about why men are so commitment phobic. The moment you ask them for a commitment in your relationship, they will just change the topic, that’s only if they don’t run head over heels.

For as far back as relationships have existed, most of the men have had a tendency to avoid committed relationships. See your favorite soap operas or some romantic movies, you’ll find it’s mostly the men who take time to commit.  Let’s try and explore why men turn so edgy at the thought of committing in a relationship.

Some men believe that it’s the woman’s nagging that makes a man to shy away from commitment, but we don’t think that’s all to it. It’s certainly a bit more complicate than that.

Machismo at stake

Blame the societal setup for that, but men are expected to stand strong no matter what may come. And the moment they begin to show weakness out damned society puts them outside the male species. Of course there are men who don’t mind showing their weaker side, but most such men don’t have a problem in making commitments. It’s only the strong and macho stereotypes, who try to stay away from relationships that demand commitment.

And their main problem is that by committing and accepting emotional bonding with their woman, they manly image will shatter. They just cannot think about laying bare their emotional side in front of the world, especially in front of their buddies. So even when your guy is really in love with you and wants to commit, his false ego prevents him from making a commitment.

Freedom and easy sex

While half of the non-committal men fall in the above category, there is the other half who feels that a committed relationship will take away their freedom. The freedom to keep the house cluttered, to eat junk, to enjoy late-nights, to get overly drunk and be merry with their buddies and to date and seduce as many women as they want. It’s difficult to get such men to commit, unless of course you have some magical wand to help you.

Most of these men become ready for commitment only after entering their 40s, because that’s when all the jamming with buddies and picking up girls at the bar begin to get boring and the desire to build a close and intimate relationship begins swelling. So if your man fits into this second category, you may really have to wait for years before you can get him to commit.

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Sidharth Thakur