Why is Foreplay Important?

Foreplay involves activities before sexual intercourse that is meant to heighten the physical and the psychological intimacy of the two partners and make the experience more personal and comforting.

There are many forms of foreplay and the objective of all of them is to arouse the couples’ desire to bond physically.The ambiance makes a lot of difference. Foreplay includes music, low lights, comforting surroundings, eclectic aromas and much more. Most of the times, foreplay is heightened by the blend of all these.

Having foreplay prepares the couple mentally and physically for the intercourse. During the intercourse, the body temperature rises considerably to compensate for the heartbeat that almost goes two folds during the time of intercourse.

The body warms up during the foreplay and the heart rate does not suddenly shoot up but rises gradually to get attuned to the heightened physical activity. This releases the hormones like adrenaline in the right amount to enhance the sexual pleasure and also support the increased heart rate.

During foreplay, the cervix in the woman’s body arouses and the vaginal canal elongates. There is lubrication of the vagina as well that helps in an easy intercourse that is not painful. Foreplay is also important to stimulate the woman and make her have orgasms. Prolonged stimulation also helps a couple have a more pleasurable experience.

It is not important that there be physical contact with a woman to make her aroused. Foreplay can be mental and most of the times, it is the most effective way to become physically intimate. Mental foreplay also helps remove any mental or emotional blocks that might hinder the physical intimacy.

There may be times when you or your partner might be distracted or be tensed because of some repressive beliefs or stress. Foreplay helps in the release of thoughts and makes one wake up to sexual responses and advances appropriately.

It helps the two partners concentrate and intensify the sexual desire. It boosts confidence, makes one feel good about one’s self and makes one sexually dynamic. It also allows spontaneity to develop between the two partners so that they respond appropriately to each others advances.