Why is Egg Important for Your Diet?

No matter how grown up you get to be, your diet must include eggs. So, what do eggs entail? Why are they beneficial and why should they be in the menu? Eggs are healthy no doubt, but there must be clarity on the specific goodness that they offer.

The next time you have an egg on your platter, you must be aware of what and why are you actually consuming it.

Some may not be aware but eggs actually make for low calorie snacks. Yes, it is true! To make anything with them is easy enough. Devour a boiled egg or feast on a poached one in peace.

There is nothing to worry about, at all. One egg has about 5 grams of fat only. Also, snacks containing eggs are full of energy and that is especially useful if someone is on a diet.

Eyes are hugely benefited by egg consumption. There is abundant carotenoid in eggs which has the capacity to decelerate the process of macular degeneration, that causes symptoms like cataracts and blindness during old age, in the eye.

Eggs are loaded with sulfur and many other vitamins and minerals that help to nourish hair and nails.Egg yolks have a substance called choline which makes our brains work faster. Eggs are the best resources for choline which is required by the body for proper brain stimulation.

After the Sun, the eggs are the ones which naturally produces Vitamin D in plentiful and is essential for the body. Studies have broken the myth of the correlation between heart attacks and eggs. On the contrary, a few studies have showed that eggs can actually improve a person’s cholesterol profile.

Eggs are ultimate nutrition providers for pregnant women and are responsible for fetal brain development of the baby and also prevent the possibilities of birth defects in children.

What is more? Eggs are powerhouses of a number of carbohydrates, protein and a variety of nutrients and are also hugely affordable. The choice is yours to either have them scrambled, poached or fried and are great as snacks and also meals if you so prefer. They are delicious and are beneficial for both children and adults.