Why Home Schooling Is Making A Comeback

home-schooling Even with the myriad sea of educational institutions and legendary schools around, the trend of home schooling is once again catching up.

Home schooling was popular only towards the beginning of the last century, but once again after nearly 100 years the trend is once again becoming popular. Let’s find out why parents have once again started favoring home schooling.

The child’s safety

The prime most reason that makes home schooling appear as a more favorable alternative to the regular schools, is that the environment in most schools is becoming increasingly dangerous and unethical. Being concerned about their child’s safety, proper emotional growth and the right mental orientation, the parents feel home schooling serves a better purpose.

Violence, sex and drugs have become the standard norms of school life, and that makes the parents insecure about their child’s overall safety. If you’re home schooling your child, your child is less likely to become a victim of any of these unhealthy incidents and practices.

Improved facilities

These days distance education and home schooling programs have become more organized, making it easier for you to imitate the school curriculum within the confines of your house. The resources for imparting proper education to your child at home have doubled up both in terms of availability and quality.

If you can’t arrange for a tutor to come over to your place, online tutors can solve the purpose at nearly a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a regular tutor. Home school playgroups are also available so that your child does not miss out on the socializing skills, which can be learned only in the company of other children.

The socializing skills are important for the overall development of your child’s personality, and with home schooling playgroups your child gets complete opportunity to mix up with other children.

Stronger values

The current social scenario leaves most parents anxious and worried about the kind of values and ethics that the child will learn at the school. And with home schooling it becomes easier and more manageable to teach our children the right values, the right beliefs and proper ethics.

Sidharth Thakur