Why Having Breakfast Is So Important

breakfast Skipping breakfast is not a good practice. We have often heard our mothers tell us not to skip breakfast but we have cared less.

If you are skipping breakfast you miss a lot and its not just the bowl of cereal, the bowl of fresh fruits or the creamy yogurt you miss. You would definitely lose out on burning more fat when you do your usual walking. Having a full healthy breakfast tends to make you eat less later.

A sixty minute walk for any woman would burn fat depending on what they ate. If they eat food which have less glycemic index the food would be able to cut the calories faster but food with higher glycemic index include the white bread  raise the blood sugar level faster. Low GI foods mean the yogurts with less sugar and the whole grain foods.

When women eat a breakfast that is low on the GI they burn a good percentage on fats. These low GI foods include yogurt with no sugar, peaches, apple, apple juice, skim milk and muesli. The High GI foods would burn more carbohydrates and they include any drink with sugar, margarine, skim milk, jam and bread.

The question lies in the fact, did they lose weight at all? Losing weight is important at any age. Well, by having breakfast this way, they might not have lost weight instantly but they definitely burned their calories. So eating this way without skipping breakfast would make you lose some weight. The rest can be done through brisk walking and exercising. Low GI breakfast really helps and the days they ate a breakfast with low GI they felt much better and much fuller after lunch.

Ladies with this fetish of losing weight should take this up religiously. Losing weight is not going for a walk with walking shoes on but there are other things to it. Following a proper breakfast schedule is one of the few things you can do to be in shape. There are many uses of not skipping a breakfast and having it on a proper diet plan with low GI helps.  Skipping a breakfast is a strict no-no.