Why Do You Get Cramps During Periods?

Many women have to miss their brunches with friends, avoid parties and even skip their college and work, because their menstrual periods are way too troublesome.

They dread those days of the month when they have to suffer from extreme pain and mood swings and other physical problems, which makes them ponder as to why does it all happen in the first place?

Why do some women experience cramps during periods, while others don’t? Is it normal to have cramps or do they suggest something wrong with the menstrual cycle? Here is a little insight into the reasons why you get cramps during periods.

Vaginal cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterine. The uterus contracts and relaxes, to allow the easy draining of the menstrual blood and during this process special chemicals called prostaglandins are released which increase the intensity of contractions.

High levels of prostaglandins during periods cause problems like nausea and wooziness which are very common, more so among the teenage girls.

With periods, begin contractions which cause cramps and these cramps can stay for the initial 2-3 days. Even before the start of the period, some women feel pain in the lower part as the uterus contracts to prepare for the blood to flow from it.

It is perfectly normal to have cramps during periods, however if their intensity is too high, it may indicate towards some deeper problem and contacting your doctor is advised in such cases.

To avoid cramps and pain associated with it some tested and effective measures, like microwavable warm pack or a heating pad placed on the lower part, can provide quick relief from the pain.

You can also take medications like ibuprofen or anti-prostaglandins drugs; however these must be taken only when recommended by a gynecologist.

Eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of fluids and having proper rest can ease down the cramps a bit.

So, if you too are a victim of cramps associated with menstrual periods, by now you have learned about the main cause behind these cramps and also the fact that it is normal to have mild cramps during periods. However, if you suffer from intense pain and cramps, you might need medical interference.

Sidharth Thakur