Why Choose Natural Skin Care Products?

Do you know what the largest sensory organ of your body is? Yes, the skin. The skin not only provides you with the sense of touch, and helps you look beautiful, but protects your internal organs from the foreign elements as well.

And what are we doing to protect this vital organ? We are coating it with chemical products that are really harmful for it.

Did you know that there are roughly six pounds of skin covering your body and providing a porous membrane to your system?

Dust, pollutants, dirt, and other environmental contaminants enter the body through the skin, making it an even more open gateway to your system than your mouth. The experts are on the opinion that about 884 chemicals included in beauty care products and cosmetics are known to be poisonous. And a recent study of pediatric medicines found beauty products and cosmetics as the most common cause of involuntary poisonings of kids below six.

These toxins and chemicals present in most of the commercial skin and hair care products have a very harmful effect on the environment as well, although this detrimental effect is just beginning to be understood trough research.

Few months back, a team of scientists from  US Geological Survey proved that a number of chemicals from personal care products were polluting the US waterways. Among 95 waste water contaminants found, most were from personal care products.

Now do you want to poison yourself and the environment with these toxic chemicals and pollutants? Natural skin care products are far healthier for you and your skin, not to mention the environment. Although many products claim to be all-natural they are still containing numerous injurious ingredients. Make sure you read well and know the product label to make sure that the product you are applying on your skin is as natural as it declares to be.