Why are my Underarms Turning Darker?

Most of the young women face the common problem of dark underarms.This makes them conscious while wearing sleeveless clothes. The skin of the armpit region is soft and sensitive and can get damaged easily.

Dark armpits can be due to various reasons; some of the more probable ones have been enlisted here:

Shaving: Shaving the underarm growth using razor can lead to darkening. The reason being, that shaving doesn’t remove the hair entirely from the root. It just cuts off the hair above the skin. But the hair below the transparent skin of the armpit shows which makes the underarms look darker.

Hair removal creams: Hair removal creams are a commonly used method of removing body hair. Again, these creams too don’t remove the hair from the root. Also, these creams contain strong chemicals which can darken the soft underarm skin. Waxing is a better alternative from both shaving and hair removal creams.It removes hair from the roots and repeated waxing can even reduce the hair growth.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants: Some people are allergic to certain brands of deodorants or antiperspirants. The use of these may cause itchy, swollen and reddish skin which may later on turn into dark patches.

It’s always better to minimize the use of deodorants and antiperspirants; don’t use when it is not needed.Since, most deodorants and antiperspirants contain strong chemicals which can discolor the tender skin of the armpits. Use of antiperspirants is even more damaging.

Fungal infection: Underarms are always susceptible to fungal infection. Excessive sweating, use of deodorants, unclean clothes can all initiate fungal infections, eventually leading to the darkening of the underarms. It’s advisable to use antifungal creams if you feel the skin is turning red and itchy.

Excessive sweating: Dark underarms can also be caused due to excessive sweating, so one should try to keep the area clean and dry. Use of synthetic clothes like nylon, rayon should be avoided, if you sweat more. It’s advisable to wear cotton clothes especially during summer.

The friction between the body and the clothes along with sweat can make your underarms dark, so look for clothes that are not too tight around the armpits.

Apart from all this, personal cleanliness is a must. Bathing daily, scrubbing the armpits regularly, drying them well and keeping them clean can avoid such undesirable changes in the skin.

Sidharth Thakur