Which Eyeliner Should You Choose?

liquedeyeliner Eye liner is the most used eye makeup, and even those women who do not use any other eye makeup do not mind using some eyeliner to accentuate the beauty of their eyes.

Eyes are the most delicate part of our face, and so you must proceed with utmost care when applying the eyeliner and you also need to be particular about using only branded good quality eyeliners. Here’s a little help on the different types of eyeliners along with guidelines on how to use them.

Pencil eyeliner

These are the most popular ones, and they look just like a regular writing pencil. It is best to sharpen the pencil eyeliner every time before using it, but be careful not to make the tip too sharp or it might hurt your delicate eyelids. Be extra careful when applying pencil eyeliner onto the lower eyelash, and try not to exert too much force on your eyelid.

The best part of pencil eyeliner is that, they don’t smudge so easily and drawing steady and smooth lines is fairly easy.

Liquid eyeliner

This one is not as easy to apply as the pencil eyeliner, but definitely it is much safer to use. It comes in a small bottle with the application brush already there. The application brush makes it easier for you to make precise and accurate lines. However you need a little bit of patience with this type of eyeliner, because you must not blink your eyes till the eyeliner has dried completely. Being liquid in from, it may smudge if not applied with a steady hand.

Cake eyeliners

These are usually available in a palette and these too need to be applied with a brush. These are fairly easy to apply, and since they are in a solid form they don’t smudge so easily. With cake eyeliners you have a wider choice in terms of color as compared to the above mentioned two types.

Choose an eye liner that’s easy for you to use, and most importantly an eye liner with which you can make precise and smooth lines without messing up.

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Sidharth Thakur