Which Beard Styles For Men Are Now?

For some time now, I have been thinking about the men’s hair styles and styles of beard which keeps changing off and on. Plus, there are the enticing consumer Ads from the companies selling hair gels and shampoos that make you redefine your look like the models in the advertisements.

Your facial hair is a fashion statement for you today. It is in fact, not only a fashion statement but an insignia, a style of yours that make you stand apart from the rest. Let’s talk of stubble first, the trimmed stubble is much in vogue and even the women love it on their men. A man with stubble well kept and trimmed looks mature.

A salt and pepper stubble looks even better on aging men and the masculinity is commendable. The Goatee is a look almost all young men find comfortable in. The Goatee would make you look classy and corporate and yet there is the fun way to it that attracts people to you. Older men also have a way of hiding wrinkles on their chin through the Goatee.

The Handle Bar moustache is a look not many can pull off. It sort of gets you into an attitude and you should not be afraid to show it. You should be able to carry it with grace. The French beard is also a favorite of the writers and the artists who prefer the suave many look and a well kept French Beard at that makes him look very organized and full of confidence.

There is also the unshaved unkempt look which makes you look fashionable at times but is too casual and cool. It is not much of a Corporate look so the disheveled look should be better kept off for a weekend get together or so. The thin moustache would add some touch of class to the face but it looks somewhat old and classy.

A clean look would make you look good and you come across as truthful and honest with the clean shaven look. However, you can try on your facial hair make over on softwares online as this is quite possible on the internet. You could also visit your hair stylist to know what suits you the best. A well trimmed or clean look with proper clothes and shoes and a personality that is striking makes you the man you actually are.