When You Are In Love With An Older Man


Love-With-An-Older-Man The chemistry of love is beyond the comprehension of science and logic, and so you may never know with whom you might fall in love. And just in case you fall in love with an older man, and the age gap between the two of you is significant, then here are some things that you must avoid doing.

Before I go on to talk about the three things that you must always avoid when you are in a relationship with an older man, I would want to stress that don’t rush in for a relationship with an older man just because you love his lifestyle or his high status. If you abandon all your youthful dreams just for the sake of enjoying the prestigious life that this older man leads, very soon you will find yourself filled up with a feeling of resentment.

The first thing to always remember is that you’ve chosen an older man, and while you may be full of energy and may want to do some exciting things, the older man may lack the energy and may want to spend most of the time doing things with suit his age and his body.

His choices, his activities and his approach towards life are definitely going to be very different from yours, because of the generation gap between the two of you. It’s nearly insane to try and change him, when he has led a certain kind of a lifestyle for the last 40 or 50 years. Don’t expect him to change, rather be open to making adjustments in your lifestyle so as to suit his.

Living with an older man, and watching him do things and talk about things might remind you of your dad or some other older relative. Even if you notice certain similarities between him and some other older person you have known, just keep mum and don’t talk about it, because when you compare him with some other older people he won’t feel quite comfortable.

An older man will mostly have old people as his friends, and when they sit down and discuss things you might find most of the topics of discussion not very interesting. On such occasions most of the young women living with older men, try to pretend that they are very mature and in fact they go on to change their dress up and lifestyle accordingly.

But before you do that just remember that he’s fallen in love with the youthful you and changing your ways just to look more mature and older may create problems in your relationship.

And last of all, it doesn’t really matter how big the age difference is between you and your man, as long as the both of you understand each other, are passionate about each other and most importantly you both love each other.

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Sidharth Thakur