When You Are Adopting a Baby

Adoption is a process in which a couple takes responsibility of the child who is not related to them biologically. It establishes the legal relationship between child and the couple that are adopting. This process transfers the rights of real parents to the couple who are adopting. In the same way, adopted child also gets the right as the biological child. In short, you can say that child becomes member of the family. The reason of adoption can be different and personal. Adoption can make many changes in your life. It can do wonders. There are many benefits of adoption. Some of these are:

  • Adoption can bring  joy to your family
  • You can give home and family to an orphan.
  • Orphan child gets love and security because of you.
  • It is also a noble gesture towards the society.

There are many negative aspects related with adoption. Some of these are

  • It is considered as a taboo in the society.
  • Having feeling whether child will be able to adjust.
  • Fear of how other people and relatives will behave with a child.
  • Fear that a child will ask about his real parents after growing up.
  • Whether family will be able to adjust with the child or not.

Adoption is of three types:

Closed adoption – In this case,  real parents and adoptive parents do not meet. Adoption work is done through agency.

Semi open adoption – In this case, real mothers are given option to choose the right couple to adopt her child.

Open adoption – In this case, real parents have the right to meet adoptive parents. After the adoption process completes, it is real parents’ choice whether they want to be in touch with one another or not.

If you are going to adopt a child then you have to keep in mind that adopted child should get his or her share of love and affection. You or your partner’s age should not be more than 90.

You should not have any serious health problem. Give him secure environment. If you already have child than tell him that new one will be his brother or sister. Make him feel as he is one of us only.