When Recession Makes It All Jittery


23 The drunken revel is just getting calmed down, and all those stock market figures which were moving sky wards are slowly hitting the ground. The greed and selfishness of the major players have eventually shaken the country’s economy and we’re into big time recession, with a lot of cleaning to be done.

The repercussions are not just limited to your bank balances and your financial statements, and lots of love relationships and families have been strongly hit on emotional grounds.

A recession in your love life

The economic crisis is engulfing a lot many relationships, because we all know how important money is, in our lives. If your partner’s investments have turned out sour, it’s quite likely that the blame game will begin. Worse still if your partner gets laid off, then economic stability poses a big question mark, and along come the dreaded evils called depression and alcoholism.

What is happening or has happened may be completely unavoidable, and pointing out the flaws in your partner isn’t going to do any good.

The rescue package

Quite understandably, your mind is troubled and in the haze you are unable to see all the good things and the good times you both have experienced together. It’s just a passing phase, and you both need to control your temper and offer support to each other. If you go on with the criticizing and blaming, you will never be able to move ahead and control the situation or get out of it.

This is a time which is testing the integrity of your love relationship, because you both need to hold together till the storm calms down. And that’s only possible when you think positive and you proactively love your partner. Don’t let negative thoughts crowd up your mind, because at this time all you need is some loving actions and some loving thoughts.

The last word

Although it is a time when your partner needs your love and support, express your feelings in such a way that it does not shatter the confidence or the self esteem of your partner.

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Sidharth Thakur