When Can I Drive After Giving Birth?

Of all the life processes that a woman performs in her life-time, the process of giving birth to child is probably the most important and also the most difficult one for her. This stage of the woman is really great in its importance as it marks the beginning the life of a new human being.

After sheltering a baby in her own body, she gives birth to new child but the job is not complete as she is now supposed to bring the child up with her own hand. It is really challenging job for a mother, and especially a working mother who has to join her office very soon after the delivery is made. For some women, this responsibility is even grimmer as she needs to join her office soon after. But they should at least wait till the stitches are cut and the wound gets healed.

Now, the question is, when should you start driving her own car. Before you do that, make sure that your stitches are removed and the wound is healed.  Take these medicines that till your wounds are healed:

• Oxycodone: Percodan and Percocet:
• Propoxyphene: Darvon and Darvocet
• Codeine: Tylenol #3 and Tylenol #4

You can start driving your own car only when you feel the strength within yourself as driving is not an easy task. It requires certain amount of strength to control the steering wheel. You must feel comfortable while driving the car.  If you find yourself lacking in the psychological strength, you must take advise from your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Generally the body of woman gets ready for driving a car after three moths of normal or vaginal delivery and five to six weeks for cesarean operation. Whatever the case may be, do not take the risk of driving rash. You should also forget taking risk by any means till your body recovers completely.