What’s The Right Foundation Type For You?

When a hectic day leaves you looking dreary and worn out and you have a party to attend in a few hours, a magical wand to cheer up and brighten your face, is a face foundation. A face foundation is a wonderful cosmetic to cover up most of the flaws on your face, but its magic works only when you use the right type of foundation.

To find out the right type of foundation for your face, you need to learn about what different types of foundations are available in the market and what type of foundation is good for your skin type.

There are several cosmetic brands which have a stupendous range of foundations to offer in different forms like creams, compact powders, gels, liquid lotions and concealing sticks. The cream based foundations are normally oily and so would make for a perfect choice for people with dry skin, on the other hand gel based foundations to not contain oil and so are suitable for oily skin.

The liquid lotion based foundations are available both with oil and without oil so you can choose one according to your skin type. Foundations in the form of compact powders can be used with almost all skin types. And lastly, the concealing sticks are meant only to cover up dark spots or blemishes and cannot be used all over the face.

While those were the general forms in which foundations are available, there are also foundations which target of a particular skin condition. For instance to add a bit of gloss to your dry and dull looking face you can use a specially formulated light reflecting foundation, or if your skin is prone to acne get yourself a foundation that curbs acne.

It’s very important to use a good quality foundation, because using a cheaper one may result in the formation of dry flakes, appearance of cracks or the foundation getting washed away with sweat. A foundation is an essential in your makeup box, so buy one which is branded to be sure about the quality, even if it costs a bit more.

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Sidharth Thakur