What You Should Know About the Vegetarian Diet?

Being vegetarian is the new health mantra, but those who are regular consumers of meat, be it fish, mutton, pork or poultry might have apprehensions regarding the vegetarian diet.

The most common misunderstanding that goes with the vegetarian diet is that it comprises only of plant products. This is a myth and it must be explained that there are different types of vegetarian diets.

There are many categories of vegetarian diets. They can be divided into six broad categories. Some of these diets are extremities in vegetarianism and are rarely followed. Yet there are a few people who follow such diets and hence it becomes mandatory to introduce them as well.

The first vegetarian diet that is assumed to be “Vegetarian” per se is actually the Vegan diet. This diet does not include any food products that are derived from animals. This includes any milk products, eggs and flesh. The food comprises of only plants and plant produces. Vegetables, grains and fruits form the Vegan diet.

A sub category of the vegan diet is called the Fruitarian diet. As the name suggests, this is one of the extreme cases of vegetarian diet which involves fruits and fruiting parts of the plant. This diet is rarely followed under normal circumstances.

The second broad category is called Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian diet and as the name suggests, this diet includes not just vegetables, grains and fruits but also milk products and eggs.

This diet has an inclination towards the non vegetarian diet; however it barely touches it by the inclusion of eggs, milk products and milk which are the food items that are included in this diet. Those who follow this diet steer clear of all meat.

The third category is the Ovo Vegetarian diet, which includes, amongst vegetables, grains, fruits and eggs also. There is no inclusion of milk. The fourth category understandably is of the Lacto Vegetarianism; which includes milk in the vegetarian diet, but no eggs.

The fifth category is called the Pesco Vegetarianism which includes fish in a Vegan Diet. No other animal meat is consumed. The last category called the Pollo Vegetarianism which includes a controlled amount of chicken in the diet.