What You Need To Know About Reflexology

Reflexology is also known as zone therapy. This treatment method is based on the principle that every body part is represented on the hands and the feet. Applying pressure on particular points of the digits can have a therapeutic benefit on the body.

A complementary, alternative and integrated medical procedure, reflexology involves the application of pressure using the thumbs or the fingers on the hands and the feet. Reflexology helps to relieve stress, injuries and other health problems naturally.

From time immemorial reflexology has been practiced in Egypt, China, India and Greece. Even the natives of North America followed this alternate medical procedure. It was William Fitzgerald who first introduced Reflexology to the Western countries in the twentieth century.

People of all ages and from all walks of life can benefit from the positive effects of reflexology. The body goes into a state of imbalance when we suffer from any kind of illness or if we are stressed out. Under such circumstance, undergoing Reflexology helps to restore the body’s equilibrium . However we should take the treatment only under proper medical supervision.

The two major types of reflexology are the hand and foot therapy methods. When pressure is applied on the back of the hand or the palms for treating specific health problems, it is known as hand reflexology.

It is believed that all the major glands and organs of the human body are represented on the foot. Applying pressure with the fingers or thumb on various parts of the foot is called foot reflexology. Reflexologists also believe that foot reflexology has greater curative powers than hand reflexology.

Reflexology helps to treat a variety of chronic and acute health problems including, sports injuries, arthritis, migraines and back pain.

Reflexology is also an effective treatment method for insomnia, as it helps in reducing stress levels.Many people resort to reflexology for treating hormonal problems, infertility and certain kinds of digestive disorders.

This treatment also helps to improve the lymph and blood circulation, aids in detoxification and in certain special cases helps to induce labor.

A normal reflexology treatment session lasts for about 1 hour.The relief that most patients experience after undergoing the very first session, makes them life long followers of this ancient healing technique.