What To Wear To A Wedding

Wedding invitations can be of various kinds. You must take care to dress as per that.

If the wedding is formal it will require you to follow the dressing rules strictly whereas an informal or semi formal wedding invitation may not require you to stick to those rules of dressing.

But all this is quite confusing at times for women. We often do not know when to wear what. So, some basic dressing tips are mentioned here which would help you solve this problem with ease.

While you choose your dress for any wedding keep a few factors into consideration. You not only need to dress according to the formal status but also according to the location of the wedding, the weather and the season.

For summer you should select light colors like pink, yellow etc. The dress material needs to be light so that it lets your skin breath. For fall or winters darker shades like purple, blue, black, red etc would look better. The fabric also needs to be according to the season.

Your dressing would also depend and vary if the wedding is at day time or night time. For day time, avoid sequins and black color stricly. A nice suit of a feminine color would look good and so will a floral dress. A beautiful hat can look pretty during day time. In the evening, you can wear wear nice dresses or gowns.

If the wedding venue is outdoors then concentrate on the fabric and design of the dress. The dress should not get caught in the wind but should also not be too heavy for you. Avoid wearing high heels for outdoor weddings. It may get stuck in sand or elsewhere.

A black tie wedding is a formal invitation and thus you need to dress up according to it. You can wear a gown or a formal dress with or without sequins, while beaded purse and formal jewelry can be the right accessories. Also you may need to dance in these weddings so wear something in which you will be comfortable to move around or dance.

While there are certain things you must avoid while dressing up for a wedding. Firstly do not wear white. You do not need to give competition to the bride. Also do not wear too sexy or revealing outfit.

So choose the color and design which compliments you, dress feminine and carry yourself with grace and elegance.