What To Wear On Your First Date

Going out on your first date is one of the most trying times to choose the right clothing, because in most cases you don’t really know the guy that well, to be able to predict what he likes and what he doesn’t.

Anyways it’s always in your favor to ask the guy where you are going for the date so that you can dress up accordingly, so be sure about the date venue or else you might look like a perfect oddball.

If the guy proposes to take you out on a classic dinner date, which does seem like the most likely place for a first date, there’s nothing better than the classic little black dress. It is classy and elegant, and it is one dress which can be compared to a classic men’s tuxedo in men’s fashion.

The most appropriate little black dress for your first date is one that’s just about a medium length and is sleeveless. Accessorize it with black opera length gloves, a small black handbag, black pumps for your feet and maybe a stole to match with it. That is just about what is needed and you will look perfect for a candlelight dinner.

If the guy in question, like most other guys is a sports buff, then his idea of a date could be watching some sports match at the stadium, say a game of baseball, so you can’t wear that classic dress there, that you might have saved for your first date.

Instead look for a pair of jeans or chinos which is in a slightly different shade than what you wear normally and sport on it a thick sweater/ tee-shirt and a scarf depending upon the season of the year. Just avoid anything that’s a bit too sexy or too expensive, because you know the kind of beer, food and chewing gum mess that’s found in stadiums.

In any case don’t go overboard with makeup and change your looks drastically or the guy might just get that queasy feeling in the stomach. Also you might want to try something sexy but going even a little beyond the line, could end up making you look sleazy, so tread carefully.

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Sidharth Thakur